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The Importance of Regular Fire Extinguisher Training and Testing Service for Brisbane Businesses

Risk is unavoidable in any workplace, but how a company chooses to manage that risk is what makes a difference in the outcome. In many areas, though, there are hard and fast rules governing the management of certain types of risk. Fire, for more.

Keep Your Business Safe and Compliant with Thorough and Affordable Fire Equipment Testing and Maintenance in Brisbane

Does your business have the right fire extinguishers in the right places? Are your smoke and heat alarms in good working order? Do you have other types of essential fire safety equipment, such as fire blankets or emergency exit lighting more.

Comply with Mandatory Fire Safety Training by Working with Brisbane’s 1st Choice Fire Safety and Training

As per the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 and AS3745-2010, Queensland businesses must meet numerous mandatory requirements pertaining to workplace fire safety training. Specifically, Queensland law requires businesses to prepare more.

Fire Protection Services Ensuring Brisbane Companies and Workplaces are Equipped for an Emergency

Emergency equipment and evacuation plans are not often thought about until they are needed. Yet, during a fire or emergency is not the ideal time to realise that you are ill-equipped to deal with the situation. At 1st Choice Fire Safety and more.

Workplace Fire Safety Audit with Qualified Consultants in Brisbane

Undergoing a fire safety audit for your Brisbane workplace is an essential procedure to ensure that you meet the requirements needed to prepare for an emergency. At 1st Choice Fire Safety and Training, we have the experience and more.

Providing Reliable and Efficient Smoke Alarm Testing Services in Brisbane

Smoke alarms are literally lifesavers. Having one of these little machines in your place of business can help you detect fires and combat the associated destruction. These little gadgets have saved many lives and are the first line more.

Why You Need Fire Warden Training in Brisbane

Knowing what to do in a situation involving fire could save your life. When it comes to your business, having someone who is trained in fire safety on staff can increase your odds of escaping from a dangerous fire more.


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