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Evacuation Diagrams

Division 3 Evacuation signs and diagrams
29 References to an evacuation sign
(1) An evacuation sign, for a building, means a sign stating the
procedures for safely evacuating the building, or the part of
[s 30]
Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008
Part 4 Evacuation planning, instruction and practice
Page 28 Current as at 1 July 2015
the building in which the sign is displayed, in the event of a
fire or hazardous materials emergency.
(2) A reference to an evacuation sign includes a reference to an
evacuation sign on which an evacuation diagram is shown.
30 Evacuation signs and diagrams to be displayed
(1) The occupier of a building must display evacuation signs and
evacuation diagrams for the building in compliance with
subsections (2) and (3).
Maximum penalty—30 penalty units.
(2) Evacuation signs and evacuation diagrams for a building must
be appropriately located on each evacuation route of the
building having regard to the number and location of exits in
the building.
(3) Each evacuation sign and evacuation diagram must be—
(a) displayed in a conspicuous position; and
(b) orientated so the direction of the route shown on the sign
or diagram from the place in the building where the sign
or diagram is displayed to the nearest exit of the
building corresponds with the actual direction of the
route from the place to the exit; and
(c) securely attached to a wall or the internal side of a door.
(4) This section does not apply if the total floor area of the
building is less than 300m2.

This all depends on the size of the building or facility, how many rooms you have and access paths. We come to site to do obligation free quotes to ascertain how many diagrams will be required as per the required legislation

So long as we are servicing your site we will review the diagrams along with the normal servicing at no additional cost (unless modifications are required to the diagrams due to renevations or modifications to the structure of the building)

Evacuation Diagrams

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