Electrical Test and Tag

1st Choice Fire also offers a number off electrical services. With our electrical test and tag team we can make sure all your Appliances, EPOD's (Electrical Portable Outlet Device), Extension Leads, Fixed RCD's (Residual Current Device) and Portable RCD's are compliant and tested to AS3760:2010 in accordance with the Electrical Safety regulations 2013

Electrical Test and Tag Equipment Types

We offer electrical test and tag of all apliances (Class 1 and 2), EPOD's (Power Boards), Fixed RCD's and Portable RCD's.

Class 1 and 2 Appliance Testing
When testing these appliances we are testing for Earth leakage (as these appliances rely on the buildings earth wire system), Current leakage, Insulation resistance, Polarity Testing.

EPOD (Electrical Portable Outlet Device) Testing
In order to successfully test and tag a surge protected device, you’ll need to have both an understanding of how your tester functions and the knowledge of how surge protection works.

Specifically, surge protected power boards contain MOV’s (Metal Oxide Varistors) and/or EMI filtering (Electro Magnetic Interference), which are designed to protect any surge of voltage damaging sensitive electronic equipment. They are usually identifiable from the words ‘Surge Protected’ or lightning bolt image.

With Electrical Portable Outlet Devices you need to make sure that all outlets of the device are tested.

MOV Type - Earth Bond, Polarity and Insulation Resistance @ 250V Leakage Test
MOV & EMI - Filtering Earth Bond, Polarity and may require Leakage Test.

Some brands will require power to be supplied in order for the surge protection to work (e.g. Thor, Arlec), as these particular surge boards will still pass both a 250V and 500V Insulation Resistance test. This means that the Insulation test @ 250V will fail. In this case you will need to perform a Class I Leakage test, regardless of the tester you’re using.

RCD (Residual Current Device)
RCD testing is the "tripping" of your Residual Current Device or Safety Switch. This is a timed test and is conducted on all power points that contain a fixed RCD circuit. We also test portable RCD's this is the same procedure but has a longer trip time.

Electrical Test and Tag Reporting

Using the latest in portable appliance tesing equipment and software 1st Choice Fire are able to offer accurate electrical test and tag reporting in digital format so as to avoid paperwork loss and loss in time

We conduct thorough tests and report on:

- Visual check of all appliances and electrical leads to identify any problems or defects.
- Electrical tests performed with Portable Appliance Tester on all items (inlcuding portable RCD'd, fixed RCD's EPOD's [power boards], Extension leads, appliances, 240v and 3 phase).
- Tagging of all appliances and leads with next due dates.
- We issue a computer generated report detailing all appliances and test results.
- Scheduled testing with follow up reminders (sms, email, or phone call)
- Earth leakage, Current leakage, Insulation resistance, Polarity Testing and Microwave radiation leakage testing

Electrical Safety Regulations 2013 Requirements

According to Safe Work Australia, these are some of the most common risks associated with electricity when there is a lack of proper testing, and they are as follows:

- Arcing, explosion or fire causing burns. The injuries are often suffered because arcing or explosion or both occur when high fault currents are present.
- Electric shock causing injury or death.
- Electric shock from ‘step-and-touch’ potentials
- Toxic gases causing illness or death. Burning and arcing associated with electrical equipment may release various gases and contaminants
- Fire resulting from an electrical fault.

With the following regular test intervals (as specified in the Electrical Safety Regulations 2013 and AS/NZS 3760:2010) we can assure your equipment is operating as it should;

- Amusement devices and rides (not specified)
(A device or ride supplied by a plug with a current rating of not more than 20 amps must also be connected to a type 1 safety switch or type 2 safety switch) After each onsite assembly, and every 6 months
- Amusement work - double insulated specified equipment 12 months
- Amusement work – specified equipment not double insulated 6 months
- Construction work – transportable structures, fixed and transportable equipment and construction wiring 6 months
- Construction work – other equipment 3 months
- Manufacturing work – double insulated equipment 12 months
- Manufacturing work – equipment not double insulated 6 months
- Office work (If no safety switch) 5 years
- Rural work – equipment used under stated risk factors* and no -safety switch 12 months
- Service work (If no safety switch) 12 months

1st Choice Fire services sites all across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. For all you electrical test and tag, inspection, maintenance, sales and installation requirements please don't hesitate to contact us and organise a quotation or the preventative maintenance of your Fire and Electrical today.

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