Risk is unavoidable in any workplace, but how a company chooses to manage that risk is what makes a difference in the outcome. In many areas, though, there are hard and fast rules governing the management of certain types of risk. Fire, for instance, is a threat to any structure and can occur without warning because of faulty equipment, an accident, or any other number of reasons. That is why fire extinguisher training in Brisbane is a mandatory requirement for many workplaces. When an emergency does occur, quick-thinking actions by those trained in first response actions can make all the difference.

Not all fires are the same, though, and neither are all fire extinguishers. That means that not only are there different tactics and techniques to use in fighting fires that can appear in the workplace, but different tools as well. These require special instruction to use effectively. At the same time, these tools don't stay good forever. Regular fire extinguisher testing for your Brisbane business is essential to ensure that if the time comes, they'll work as intended. At 1st Choice Fire Safety and Training, we have the knowledge, experience, and flexibility necessary to offer a range of services to your business — plus a fast way to purchase any of the equipment you need for full compliance.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance with Fire Extinguisher Testing in Brisbane
In providing Brisbane with fire extinguisher training, our goal is simple: to deliver a friendly, quality service that is both easily accessible and highly valuable. We understand that you have daily obligations to meet, and so we structure our training for maximum effectiveness and engagement without wasted time. When we arrange to come to your site to administer training, we are thorough, too. We include in-depth coverage of all the mandatory information, such as how and where fires begin and how to fight back against them. The types of extinguishers present in the workplace and their operational abilities are important, too, and we ensure that staff in training have a practical understanding of their use.

Do you need fire extinguisher service for your Brisbane location? Australian standards, AS1851-2012, stipulate that for maximum effectiveness, testing should occur approximately every six months, with more in-depth testing slated for every five years of extinguisher life. We're happy to arrive at a time that is convenient for you to carry out these procedures. If we find something wrong, we'll notify you immediately and present options for solving the problem.

Contact 1st Choice Fire to Tackle Your Requirements Today
Prevention is critical in fire safety, but when incidents do occur, trust that you and your staff will know how to respond appropriately. With 1st Choice Fire Safety and Training on your side, you can meet your requirements for compliance easily with our hassle-free process. For those with a sense of what they need right away, we can supply quotes over the phone; site visits can be made by appointment, too. To discuss bringing us to your location in Brisbane for fire extinguisher testing or training, please contact us to make arrangements.

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