Undergoing a fire safety audit for your Brisbane workplace is an essential procedure to ensure that you meet the requirements needed to prepare for an emergency. At 1st Choice Fire Safety and Training, we have the experience and qualifications to offer training and fire safety adviser services to various businesses and companies. We work as fire safety consultants within the Brisbane area and provide affordable quality maintenance, installation, training and adviser services. With more than 18 years in the industry, our services will help you to ensure that your workplace meets fire safety compliance and that your staff are confident in emergencies and understand the evacuation plans.

Brisbane Fire Safety Consultants Help to Implement Fire and Evacuation Plan

Regardless of the size of your business in Brisbane, a fire safety audit will help to determine what action needs to be taken to ensure that your workplace is adequately equipped. We can help you highlight the fire emergency equipment that is required and where it should be located within the premises. Our skills and advice also extend to evacuation plans.

We will help you to develop a fire and evacuation plan that is designed specifically for your workplace size, layout and occupancy number. This includes implementing various evacuation instructions, signs and diagrams accurately. As time progresses, we are also able to review these protocols and notify you of any breaches or areas where fire safety regulations are lacking.

An audit will also investigate equipment, signs, lighting and alarms previously installed and check that they are still up to code and working efficiently. A routine reviewing of your fire safety maintenance schedule is vital to inspect equipment for faults or wear and tear and to be aware if there are any discrepancies with the maintenance records.

For example, we can organise for your emergency lighting system to be tested in line with the Australian Standard. We then provide a complete report which includes failures that may have occurred and how you could rectify them. Our skilled and experienced team can readily repair faults found within your lighting system.

Quality Training and Equipment

Implementing the correct fire safety training and equipment into any workplace will help to minimise further disaster in the event of an emergency. We provide fire response training and evacuation coordinator training for various businesses and companies to ensure that your staff are confident they know how to respond appropriately during an emergency. These training programs include theory and practical lessons to help people understand how fires form and work as well as how to operate fire equipment.

With a range of quality fire safety equipment such as warden and evacuation equipment, fire blankets, hose reels and fire extinguishers we can help you to replace outdated equipment or kit out new builds with appropriate fire safety installations. If you require advice for your business in Brisbane, our fire safety consultants are experienced and knowledgeable in various areas of fire protection and training. Contact us today for an affordable quality service that ensures a well-equipped workplace in the event of an emergency.

1st Choice Fire does training in:
Evacuation Coordinator Training
First Response Training

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