Knowing what to do in a situation involving fire could save your life. When it comes to your business, having someone who is trained in fire safety on staff can increase your odds of escaping from a dangerous fire.

A fire warden is a crucial member of any team. A warden has many roles and duties in the workplace: they can both help prevent future fires and deal with situations involving fire emergencies. At 1st Choice Fire Safety and Training, we offer you the chance to train and become a fire warden. With both evacuation and fire response training, our fire warden training in Brisbane will give you the knowledge and experience to deal with most fire emergencies.

What We Cover in Fire Warden Training for Brisbane

We offer both evacuation and fire response training. Evacuation training will cover how to deal with large numbers of people while in an emergency. The fire response section of the training will help you to learn how to respond to and extinguish fires. Remember, not every fire can be extinguished and, above all, safety is the number-one priority.

We cover both theory and practise within our fire warden training in Brisbane. Please note the training may include exercise,-but what emergency doesn’t come with physical demands of some kind?

With 18 years of experience in all things fire safety and training, we will give you all the tools you need to become an asset in any fire emergency. Contact us today to start your training. We have all the equipment to support your efforts, and our training will give you the practical skills you need to deal with a fire emergency—both at work and anywhere else.

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